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GROW Nebraska Member - thank you for your interest in purchasing a UPC for your product. The UPC will be assigned to your product only and is a GS1 UPC.
Please note the following:
1. Each UPC purchased will be charged a $5.00 renewal fee. Please note even if you stop selling that product you will still need to pay the renewal fee. We are unable to reassign the UPC.
2. The service is for Members only. You must keep your membership current to be able to use the GROW Nebraska UPC
3. If you are planning to purchase more than 10 UPC's we will recommend you purchase your own UPC prefix. GROW Nebraska will assist you any way we can. We want your business to be successful. For questions contact Tonja at 308-338-3520 or [email protected]
How many UPCs do you need? *
I understand that I own these UPCs until I am no longer a member with GROW Nebraska. *
Please Note: You will receive a email from [email protected] to process purchase of UPC. If you have any questions regarding the invoicing or your UPC please email [email protected] *

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