State Fair Step #2

THANK YOU FOR JOINING THE 2024 Nebraska State Fair Line-up!

Help us help you get the most out of this opportunity by filling out this form to indicate which products you are planning to bring and the prices for these products.

Please review this checklist and submit. **Following the form submission, you will be emailed an excel spreadsheet where you can input the information of the products you will be bringing.

At anytime you need help or have questions, please contact Katee or Tonja by email or call them at 308-338-3520.

Katee: [email protected]
Tonja: [email protected]
Address- We have found having items with a price sticker increase sales. We will mail you price stickers for your products prior so you can price your products before delivery.
All products must have a price sticker or visible UPC to ensure the check out process for customers is smooth and fast! If you have any New Products that have never been sold with GROW Nebraska before we will need to add those to our system and online. Please choose an option below: *
I understand I am responsible for providing my display for my product(s) at the state fair. My display should be no more than 4 feet wide to provide space for my fellow GROW Members. PLEASE, TRY TO GO VERTICAL WITH YOUR DISPLAYS! This helps with space. I also understand, you may have to share display/co-space with fellow GROW members in order for the store to feel cohesive and give the customer the best shopping experience. Finally, I understand the GROW Staff reserves the right to rearrange displays and products throughout the duration of the State Fair. They have the best interest of my brand and business in mind and want to give me the most exposure possible for my business and brand(s). *

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