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About Us

GROW Nebraska Foundation and the Buy Nebraska store serves over 400 Nebraska businesses with an annual budget close to $1 million. The program provides training to over 850 businesses yearly. GROW Nebraska Foundation and the Buy Nebraska store strives to give back to Nebraska businesses.“Marketing” is listed as one of the biggest obstacles for small businesses. We help Nebraska businesses harness marketing through training, one-on-one technical assistance and marketing platforms, such as Amazon, Ebay, and the Buy Nebraska Store Online.

In Kearney, Nebraska we have a brick and mortar store, the Buy Nebraska Store, this is used to market test and launch new products. We sponsor the Buy Nebraska Pop-up Store at the Nebraska State Fair and we host the largest Nebraska product online store, . We are also highly successful on Amazon and Ebay.

Capturing who we are in one sentence: we are a nonprofit gift shop featuring products made in Nebraska.

We are located in Kearney, NE on the Younes Campus. You can also support NE small businesses by shopping online with us at


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Younes Campus
421 W Talmadge Street Suite #1
Kearney, NE 68845

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GROW Nebraska® is a nonprofit 501c3 providing training and education to Nebraska businesses.
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