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''Solar Flowers'' are made of a high impact resistant fluorescent acrylic material that is light weight, UV resistant, and weatherproof.
Due to their light transmitting capability, the fluorescent property of this flower is especially noticeable when light penetrates the polished surface and transfers to the edges emitting a captivation glow.

''Solar Flowers'' can be placed inside or outside, in planters, pots and around boarders. ''Solar flowers'' bring your garden/home to life with their lively colors in the summer as well as in the winter, rain, snow, or sunshine.

''Solar Flowers'' are available in yellow, orange, green, red, and multicolor. They are secured to a fiberglass shaft that can easily be pushed into the ground. Overall height is approx. 26''.

''Solar Flowers'' can be easily cleaned with Soap and Water.


  • Best decoration for your garden & home
  • Solar Flowers
  • Home & garden decor that lights up at night


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