Love Ewe Candle Company LLC

Love Ewe Candle Company LLC

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About Us

Love Ewe Candle Company was inspired by my mom!

I received a message from my mom in 2020 who, at the time, was battling breast cancer. Her message to me said ''Love ewe.'' Little did I know, ewe (pronounced ''you'') is another name for a sheep!

When thinking of what to name my candle company, I knew I wanted it to mean something. My mom's humor, faith, and strength is something I wanted to honor.

''Love Ewe'' Candle Company seemed like the perfect opportunity to represent just that!

Today, my mom is in recovery and doing well.

I originally started making candles with the simple idea of creating a ''better'' candle with more natural ingredients. From the wax, to the vessel, to each fragrance chosen, lots of careful thought was put into crafting each candle. Creating the safest, cleanest burn and using quality materials are top priority in my candle-making process.

These candles were intended to bring light, love, and warmth from small town Nebraska to your home.

I hope you enjoy your hand-poured candles & get share the experience with others!

-Jenna, Owner of Love Ewe Candle Company


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