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Otoe Steak Seasoning

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How it all started...
The Giittinger family started the Otoe Spur Bar and Grill in 1992. They changed the name to Otoe Steakhouse in 2002 when Mel Giittinger introduced the Otoe Steakhouse Seasoning. He promoted this seasoning in Southeast Nebraska and used it in his own restaurant. From his explosive and “not knowin a stranger” kind of personality, it became popular in a lot of businesses and homes. In 2013, Mel passed away, so the family sold the steakhouse, but they kept the seasoning alive. Cindy Snyder, Mel’s daughter, is now the owner of Otoe Steak Seasoning and has big plans for the future!

We have our All Natural Original Steakhouse seasoning that can be used on everything not just steak you can also make a dip out of it with sour cream. Our BBQ Smoke is awesome on Chicken and Pork but that to can be used on anything you would like a Smokey Bbq favor.


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