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Sweetwater Hemp Company LLC operates the worlds largest solvent-less ice-water extraction facility in Pleasanton, NE. We use ice made from reverse osmosis which produces cleaner, clearer, and better uncontaminated ice cubes. This helps preserve the trichomes during the extraction process. This patented equipment we use, utilizes a unique torus flow which results in a more efficient separation.

We hand-select farmers across the nation who utilize organic and sustainable growing methods as well as specific high-quality hemp strains. We also utilize our own indoor greenhouse to grow and test these quality strains. Our ability to go from fresh frozen to a finished oil in less than 24 hours without having a drying step involved means we can keep more cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other extraction methods such as ethanol or ethyl alcohol, butane, and even the most common CO2 extraction method, which all of these processes can degrade and/or destroy the terpenes during the decarboxylation process resulting in lower grade end product.?

Sweetwater’s pure oil is the closest to a truly full spectrum oil you will find on the market. We currently carry Full Spectrum Oils, Topicals, Flower, Pre-rolls and we always working on adding new products.


Gallery Image 250mg_FullSpectrum_Blackberry_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 250mg_FullSpectrum_GreenTea_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 250mg_FullSpectrum_Maple_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 250mg_FullSpectrum_Original_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 250mg_FullSpectrum_Original_OG(1).jpg
Gallery Image 250mg_FullSpectrum_Vanilla_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 600mg_FullSpectrum_Blackberry_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 600mg_FullSpectrum_GreenTea_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 600mg_FullSpectrum_Maple_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 600mg_FullSpectrum_Mint_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 600mg_FullSpectrum_Original_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 600mg_FullSpectrum_Vanilla_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 1500mg_FullSpectrum_Blackberry_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 1500mg_FullSpectrum_GreenTea_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 1500mg_FullSpectrum_Maple_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 1500mg_FullSpectrum_Mint_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 1500mg_FullSpectrum_Original_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 1500mg_FullSpectrum_Vanilla_OG.jpg
Gallery Image 3.5_GRAMS_PREROLLS.jpg
Gallery Image 3.5_GRAMS_POUCH.jpg
Gallery Image Eqaulize-Body-Butter.jpg
Gallery Image Equalize-Body-Butter-CBD.jpg
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Gallery Image Tranquility-Body-Butter.jpg
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Gallery Image Uplifting-Body-Butter-CBD.jpg
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