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308 Coffee Roasting

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308 Coffee Roasting is a coffee micro-roaster. We roast coffee in small batches......about 4 lbs at a time......so that your coffee is always roasted just the way you want it.

When it comes to coffee, fresh is best! Green coffee stays fresh for quite a while. But, once roasted, coffee starts to stale quickly. It's only considered fresh for about three weeks. Ground coffee stales even more rapidly.

Sadly, most of us drink a lot of stale coffee! Those tubs or bags of coffee on your grocer's shelf were probably stale before they even arrived at the store.

The mission of 308 Coffee Roasting is to elevate the craft and quality of coffee roasting in Southwest Nebraska, at a price people can afford to drink every day.

We believe that our rural friends and neighbors deserve fresh roasted coffee just us much as urban dwellers. We love living in rural Nebraska, and we love providing you with the freshest, best tasting coffee around!


308 Coffee Roasting. Helping you take your next step in coffee.
With coffee, fresh is best! 308 Coffee. Fresh roasted in southwest Nebraska.
Love people.  Love (308) coffee.
Wherever you wander, take 308 Coffee.
Fresh roasted 308 Coffee!

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