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Our focus is to integrate new technologies with agriculture productions. Having years of agricultural experience, we strive to bring new products to producers that will make their everyday operations easier and smoother. All the new technologies that we develop will be tried and tested right here in the Beef State. One of our top priorities as a Nebraska-based business is to display the family-farm values we were born and raised with like work ethics, transparency and kindness.

In just a few short weeks, we will be launching our first of many products; the two-piece blank livestock identification tag. Color options will be yellow, orange, and blue; we are in the process of stocking green and white as well. The tags will be available for purchase on our website once the site is completed. In our efforts to be completely transparent with our customers, these tags are produced in China. The reason behind this is that as a young, small start-up company, we were unable to secure enough funding to start local production here in the Midwest. Our goal is to eventually bring production back to the United States once we can obtain the proper cashflow needed. We are excited to offer an affordable livestock identification solution for all the producers in the lower 48 states.

In addition to the ear tags, we will be working on a new piece of technology behind the scenes that we believe will aid livestock producers in their everyday operations. Our top priority with these devices will be to have as much of the device manufactured in the Midwest within our financial abilities and within reasonable final pricing models.

An additional long-term goal includes starting a non-profit fund that will go towards graduating high school seniors. This fund will be awarded to a student who is going to start working full-time on their family owned and operated small farm or ranch. By giving them a grant at graduation, we can encourage our youth to continue working in this tough, but rewarding, field and show them that we are thankful that they want to keep America fed.


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