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DAB ENTERPRISES has its roots back in the mid 80's when his wife's hobby got out of hand. the purchase of a used piece of equipment led to a family endeavor of having a small craft business and providing partially finished wood product all over the USA. the original piece of equipment quickly expanded to a shop with numerous woodworking equipment, tool, and the continuing development of skills in the woodworking arena.
The majority of items that Dave creates are from found, reclaimed and recycled wood. Patterns are used, but the majority of each item is handcrafted and finished. items range from children's toys to unique, one-of-a-kind gifts and decorative items. He has also designed and created specialty furniture and handcrafted toys for his grandchildren. No trip anywhere is complete without scouring thrift shops, garage sales, and whatever other source of wood the might present itself.....including following pickup trucks with old furniture that look as if the might be headed to the dump.


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