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Ensign Beverage produces low sugar, non-alcoholic beverages.

It all started when Jessi helped craft her first batch of Kombucha in the summer of 1995. They didn’t call it Kombucha back then. They called it the “weird mushroom tea under the kitchen counter.” The “mushroom,” or SCOBY, was gift from a friend’s Aunt who lived in Colorado and she swore it helped with weight loss and overall wellness.

Fast forward 10 years, Jessi was living in Nashville and befriend a kombucha maker. They would often swap kombucha for handcrafted soap, which she was making at the time. Jessi fell in love with the flavors and the energy it gave her after she drank a glass.

Fast forward ANOTHER 10 years, as fate would have it Jessi and her husband moved to Hastings, NE and had the opportunity to ferment their favorite drinks. For him, beer! For her, kombucha! From that Ensign Beverage was born in January of 2018.

Hastings, Nebraska has a long and successful beverage history. Ensign Beverage looks to continue that tradition with a healthy, socially-minded business model.


Ensign Beverage's Owner, Jessi Hoeft at one of the many farmers markets we attend.
Ensign Beverage Company uses only the freshest ingredients, most of which are organically sourced.
Ensign Beverage's kombucha makes a wonderful mixer. Check out our website for a list of recipes!
To Your Health - Ensign Beverage Company
Ensign Beverage Company is located in Hastings, Nebraska.
Ensign Beverage Company, Nebraska made.
Ensign rounds are available for refill across the state!
Find us at the maret (the farmer's market!)

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