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Do you love the smell of fresh things?
You can add your dishcloth to that list!
The Dishbone is a low cost product that lets air get around and under the dishcloth to help prevent that sour smell that we all hate so much.
Enjoy the smell of a fresh kitchen again!

The Dishbone was developed by Randy Volkmer and Joe Arnold. Randy and Joe are inventors from central Nebraska who develop products based on common needs that people have. They have developed solutions for problems that range from medical devices to household products.
The Dishbone was developed when Joe came home from vacation with his family to a strong smell in the kitchen. That smell was coming from the dishcloth hanging over the middle of the sink. Randy and Joe set out to figure out a solution as to why a dishcloth gets that bad odor and how to fix it. It started with basic glue sticks melted together and finally emerged as today’s product called the Dishbone.

Kim A. - Super idea! No more stinky dish cloths!
Debbie M. - I love my dishbone too! What I really like is to use it to clean big pots. It grips the pan and doesn't mess up the sink.
Diana P. - I like having a specific place to keep my dish cloth after use and it dries it quickly! Thanks Dishbone!
Anita H. - They work great Joe!! I gave each of my girls one in their Easter baskets!
Mary L. - I love my dishbone . It helps my dish rag dry faster. I take it off and wash it with clorox every month or so.
Jean L. - I’ve been using mine for almost two years.
April J. - Just got mine this week and I love it!


The DISHBONE is made in the USA in Kearney, Nebraska!
Nothing smells better than fresh!
The DISHBONE helps eliminate stinky dish rags and keeps your kitchen smelling fresh!
Eliminate kitchen odors with the DISHBONE
The DISHBONE is available in a variety of colors and is dishwasher safe!
Keep your bathroom smelling fresh too!

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Joe Arnold
Randy Volkmer

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