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"If I made $90,000 last year, where is it?" You find yourself saying things like that more and more often lately. Business is doing well, or so the accountant keeps telling you as your tax bill goes up, but if that's the case why doesn't your bank account show it?

My name is Cory, and I hate for people who worked so hard and sacrificed so much to build a business say the quote above. In my experience working with business owners of all kinds the answer is rarely, "I need to work harder" or, "If I could just sell one more job, we'd be okay." It’s usually stepping back and looking at the business as a whole, and figuring out how to maximize profit, not revenue.

A good bookkeeping professional walks you through your financial statements- Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cashflows regularly, so you have a true picture of the health of the business, like a doctor listening to your heart and lungs, and checking your blood pressure. Running a business is stressful enough, not knowing for sure where you stand only makes it more so.

My goal is to work with you in such a way that when an opportunity to buy new equipment pops up, or a once in a decade investment is dropped in your lap, you can immediately jump on it, knowing how it will fit into the business and your budget. When you need a loan, you should be able to take your most recent financials to the bank and get a loan, at a great rate, because you can show your business is sound.

Let's have a no obligation meeting to see what you can do to enjoy your business more.


  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Profit Maximization
  • Annual & Trend Business Budgeting