Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee

Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee

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We only roast and sell single origin specialty grade coffee (the finest coffee in the world). The name on the label is the name of the farm it comes from. We know who grew the coffee. We know that the farmer got paid significantly higher than fair trade rates. We verify that the owners take care of the land sustainably and grow the coffee organically. They also qualify for all the earth friendly certifications. One may purchase their first bag because of the positive impact we make on our planet. The second purchase will be just because the coffee tastes so doggone good!

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Guatemala El Regalito 8oz Nitrogen Flushed
Guatemala El Tambor Decaf 8oz Nitrogen Flushed
Espresso Blend 8oz Nitrogen Flushed
Kenya Bright 8oz Nitrogen Flushed
Kenya Deep  8oz Nitrogen Flushed
Guatemala Las Plantas 8oz Nitrogen Flushed
Guatemala El Regalito 6 pack k-cup
Espresso Blend 6 pack k-cup
Kenya Bright 6 pack k-cup
Kenya Deep 6 pack k-cup
Guatemala Las Plantas 6 pack k-cup

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