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Vital Ag is the business that sells biochar made from Barcel Mill just outside of Columbus Nebraska.

Barcel Mill mainly works with cottonwood and they wanted to expand the options for the byproducts produced from the mill. The best product he could find was a product called biochar.

Biochar is charcoal made from biomass. In Vital Ag's case, wood. We sell our biochar under the brand name of Vital Char. Vital Ag is ready to expand their production of biochar to supply the many diverse ways that biochar can be used. Products in the research pipeline include products for residential laws and gardens.

The idea of using Vital Char as a soil amendment for farm land is of great interest to Vital Ag

There is a lot of hype around sequestrating carbon in farmland lately. Often it is stated that by changing farming practices to regenerative farming, carbon will be added to the soil. This they say is carbon sequestration.

The big problem with this is if that field changes ownership to a different farmer who no longer continues the regenerative farming practices, all that carbon would be used up in a few years or less.

If one would add Vital Char to the farmland, it is a very stable form of carbon that will not go away regardless of how the land is farmed. So we offer a true means to sequester carbon for hundreds of years. At the same time, that farmland that our Vital Char is added to will have many additional benefits that include water retention, home for biological life, and less leaching of nutrients. So if you want your dollars to make a real impact on sequestrating carbon in farmland, please consider contacting us and sponsoring our Vital Char carbon that we will put onto farmland for you.


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