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What's Inside 'My Nebraska'
The book's title ''My Nebraska'' says a great deal to help readers understand what lies ahead within the 136 pages of the publication from Dorrance Publishing of Pittsburgh, PA. Bob Wirz, who claims to be a youthful 85 years old, shares his warm, often amusing memories of growing up in rural Nebraska in the 1940s and 1950s. What was it like when your hometown, the Sandhills village of Halsey, had less than 150 residents? What did young people--actually those of any age--do for work and just as importantly for fun?
Wirz lovingly empties out his memories of everything from counting the equivalent of millions of tiny trees to playing grass-roots baseball where the age of teammates might range from the early teens to the 50s. My Nebraska has an abundance of memorable family and neighborhood pictures ranging from the historic snowstorm of 1949 to pig wrestling in mud and leisurely floating down the river in a cattle tank.
The colorful mid-Nebraska cover consists of two paintings from Dunning, NE and Tucson, AZ rancher/artist Laron McGinn that depict the beautiful landscape of the rural area.
The author has lived in various Midwestern cities and in Connecticut since leaving Nebraska to pursue a career in public relations within professional baseball although he has never lost his ''persistent lovely thoughts'' of his home state. ''I want to share these beautiful memories with my fellow Cornhuskers, the honest, hard-working, and down-to-earth people who live in or have populated Nebraska''.


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